I just watched Lindsay Lohan on The View and she actually seemed much better than she has in years, in terms of clarity and talking points. But what’s getting headlines? A social media post about starring in The Little Mermaid, which is not happening for her right now. That’s not to say she can’t slowly rebuild her career, but you don’t go from promoting a reality show sizzle reel (which is what she was doing on The View) to headlining a Disney film. There are steps. Remember RDJ on Ally McBeal? She’s never been able to follow through on the steps because she still thinks she’s a movie star.



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For half a second I thought, “are Sofia and Anwar brother and sister?” They aren’t – Anwar is a Hadid. Sofia’s sister Nicole is very good friends with the Foster sisters, who are former step-sisters of Anwar. Next gen clusterf-ck.


Look who I just ran into

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This photo tells me two things: Aaron picks up Sam from all-girl lunches, and her friends tease him about being hot.


Finally the stripper has arrived! 😅@aarontaylorjohnson @naomiwatts @lauradern @will.o.am

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What. Is. This. Dress.

I’ve seen this coat (and the pants) on at least 4 different celebs. It’s from a label called Off-White, if you are interested.


Blue is one of my favorite colors..

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I have Big Little Lies waiting on my PVR. I feel like I’ve read too many reviews to fully enjoy it right now so need to give it a few days.

Jessica Biel was on Fallon and told the stupidest anecdote about eating in the shower because she has NO TIME. She has a CHILD, OK? She has no time! But, having two children myself, I think it would take longer to eat in the shower, with your kid running around the house alone, than it would to eat in the kitchen or living room. Think of the setup of having to get food into a running shower. Not mention it’s kind of disgusting. BUT SHE HAS NO TIME.


Taste the rainbow...

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Josh Gad has a running gag where he sets up Daisy Ridley to badger her for Star Wars spoilers. He did it with Judi Dench – it was awesome. This one is pretty good too.