What a bonus to end the day…


Celine gave us so much joy in Paris every day during fashion week, leaving her hotel in all kinds of style porn and every facial expression known to the human race.

Now Celine is in New York. Manhattan has now become the catwalk. And look at her, look at the Belle of Quebec, bringing it today with her extra.

She’s posing. She’s giving us the angles. She’s lifting up the hem of her skirt like she’s in a f-cking musical. Whatever the inspiration, we love it. Never let it stop. Let Celine be Celine.

And…double bonus!

Idris Elba at Comic-Con last night for the Star Trek Beyond premiere in shorts. Did you know that whenever I have to type “beyond” these days my fingers just automatically make the word “Beyoncé”? That seems like a random thought but Beyoncé and Idris were in a movie together. Remember Obsessed? I feel like I did not give that movie enough credit when it first came out. We should all watch it again together this weekend on a 99 cent rental.

Anyway, Celine and Idris in one post. Enjoy.