It’s been a heavy day on the site today. Jacek might be yelling at me for overloading the server. But I hope you’ve enjoyed all the posts and, as a token of my appreciation for your visit today, I’ve saved the best for last.

It’s Celine Dion at Stand Up To Cancer…manning the phones!

Please just, like, look at this photo that I’ve attached as the first in the series. I really don’t know why you’re still reading. You should be sending this picture to everyone you know and spreading the joy around the world.

Can you imagine calling in and she picks up? And starts singing? OR RAPPING?

You probably already know why Celine stands up. And you probably have your own reasons for standing up. My reasons: my mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor. My mother was treated twice for multiple myeloma. I stand for them. Stand Up To Cancer needs your support all the nights of the year. Please click here to give.