This is probably a corny title. But is that ever a problem when we’re talking about Celine Dion? God she was magnificent last night. From the moment she appeared on stage, with that leg jutting out. And those arms punching out with the beats of the music – dun dun dun dun! – reaching up to a V before dropping them to begin singing…

It’s just so EXTRA. She is just sooooo EXTRA. All extra up in her feelings. Combine the feelings of all the teenagers in the world, and teenagers think they feel more than anyone has ever felt, and you still won’t come close to how much and how hard Celine feels. No one in history has the feels like Celine has the feels. And what makes this so amazing where Celine is concerned is that it’s so real. Her EXTRA is genuine. Like for her, there’s simply no other way to behave. It’s not a choice. She’s not being EXTRA. She.Just.Is.


I mean if it was anyone else asking so politely if it would be OK for her son to stay with her while she accepted her award – it was a legit question! – it’d be bullsh-t. And there’s Celine, with Rene Charles standing there, he’s already there, it’s not like he’s waiting for a spot at the poker table or anything, and in front of thousands of people she’s like, child, my love, could you please stand by me through this moment, would that that be alright…? What else is he going to do?!? But with her, it’s not a put-on. There’s nothing tongue-in-cheek with Celine Dion. Ever. It’s never, never ironic. She actually, truly wanted to know if he would wait with her while she got her words out and appreciated her honour. An honour, as Duana pointed out, that she treated as though she were receiving a small principality, or getting knighted. For a Billboard Award!

I love her so f-cking much. We should all love her so f-cking much.