Channing Tatum today promoting Magic Mike XXL. Which is an improvement on Magic Mike. In that, well, my complaint about Magic Mike was like, really?, you’re going to do character development on this?

In an interview this weekend with the Plymouth Herald, Channing talked about putting together Magic XXL and the approach to making the film:

"We read the message boards and they were like, 'Less story, more dancing', so we take direction well. We wanted the movie to be a tease in itself. We didn't want to get so over-handed with all the gender stuff, or with everybody's story, it's a dancer-stripper movie, we're not going to try and make it like Lawrence Of Arabia. But we didn't want there to be no story either. It's a fine needle to thread."

Great. No one needs it to be Lawrence Of Arabia. Thank you, Channing Tatum. Because, sh-t, maybe if it had been James Franco, the Magic Mike sequel would turn into Lawrence Of Arabia. The reason I like the look of XXL already is because, as I’ve mentioned, it knows exactly what it is. It’s Ride My Pony. It’s squirting water bottles. It’s Meatball Joe having one line. It’s more of Channing Tatum’s Hollywood domination.