FX has released a trailer for the final season of Sons Of Anarchy premiering on September 9. Still deciding whether or not to recap it. Thoughts?

The club is the only thing Jax has left now. And the desire for revenge. Oh…and his psychopath of a mother, played by Katey Sagal, perhaps the most underappreciated character in television. It makes me crazy how many people don’t know that she’s brilliant on this show. The show isn’t always brilliant but she is never, ever not brilliant. And that’s why I might start watching again. Not necessarily to find out what happens to Jax but to find out how Jax ends up dealing with Gemma. Oh Gemma.

I don’t want you to die. But…that’s what you probably deserve.

Here’s Charlie Hunnam on set yesterday. Jesus, he is hot.

You know what the real hot test is though? How does Charlie Hunnam’s hot hold up in gym shorts? I’ve attached for you to decide.