It’s been too long since I posted new photos of Charlie Hunnam and Guy Ritchie’s not doing it for us anymore so I had to go into the bank and spend some extra money for these. Charlie is in Ireland with Sienna Miller shooting The Lost City Of Z

You know where my mind went, immediately. Because that’s what we do as gossips.

So did yours, don’t lie.

Sienna and Tom Sturridge are no longer together. And, um, well, Charlie looks like Charlie.

Sienna Miller + Charlie Hunnam? Possible?

Possible and probable are vastly different. But there would be another level of intrigue if it does go down because Robert Pattinson is also in this movie. And he’s best friends with Tom Sturridge. If we could cherry pick for the Gossip Genie though, would you rather Sienna and Charlie? Or wait a couple of months and see if Sienna and Ben Affleck might develop?