Starting the week with Charlie Hunnam photos? Auspicious, I think. I told you our dodgeball team made the finals on Friday, right? We won! We’re the champions (of local community dodgeball, but still, whatever)! Everyone keeps asking (because I keep telling them) whether or not we got a trophy. There is no trophy. There is nothing. So this is the prize. New pictures of Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie was at a party in LA on Saturday (same one as My Obsession – click here for a refresher) and was seen leaving with his longtime girlfriend Morgana. I think I just fell in love with her. Because of her bag. It’s not my kind of bag. But she showed up to a Hollywood party, probably full of assholes in designer clothes and she’s wearing a hippie bag. I feel like that means she’s chill, probably one of the reasons they’ve been together so long.