Good start to the week. New photos of Charlie Hunnam, seen here shopping in LA on Saturday with long-time girlfriend Morgana. He looks GOOD. His hair is shorter than it was last time we saw him. I am not complaining.

Charlie’s been shooting the Papillon remake the last few months. Either they’ve wrapped or he’s home for the holidays and award season as Rami Malek is also in the movie and Rami was at Critics’ Choice last night and was just nominated for a Golden Globe this morning.

In other Charlie news, it was announced a few days ago that Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, which used to be called Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur, has been moved yet again to premiere in May. The movie was supposed to come out this past summer, July 2016. Then they pushed it back to February 2017. Then they pushed it again to March 2017. And now Warner Bros is saying May 12th, using that March date for Dax Shepard’s CHiPs movie instead. Was anyone asking for a CHiPs movie? Serious question, no intended shade.