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Can Rami challenge Bradley? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 15, 2018 15:39:11 November 15, 2018 15:39:11

Critics’ reactions to Bohemian Rhapsody have been mixed – click here to read Sarah’s thoughts on the film if you missed it – but it is definitely a crowd-pleaser with the box office to match, already crossing the $100 million mark in the US and bringing in strong numbers internationally for a total gross of $290 million so far and counting. Full Story

Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 2, 2018 19:21:35 November 2, 2018 19:21:35
atricia Schlein/ WENN

Rami Malek is very good in Bohemian Rhapsody. As Freddie Mercury, legendary frontman of Queen, one of the greatest arena bands of all time, he struts and stalks his way through a hell of an impression that is prevented from becoming a true characterization only by the limits of the REALLY POOR script he’s given. Full Story

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Why We Hired Bryan Singer: An Excuse

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 1, 2018 14:32:42 November 1, 2018 14:32:42
Lia Toby/ WENN

Everyone is trying to get ahead of the Esquire exposé coming down the pipe about Bryan Singer. A couple weeks ago it was Singer himself preemptively stating the article is a hit piece, and now Fox is setting up their defense in case this thing blows up. Full Story

Rami Malek’s Oscar odds

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 25, 2018 17:03:20 October 25, 2018 17:03:20

I have seen Bohemian Rhapsody. I loathe it. I’ll have a full review as soon as I can wrangle my incoherent fuming into something more orderly, but I need a minute to just be in my feelings about how much I hate this movie. There’s a new trailer out today that “addresses” Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, but like all the other trailers all it does is show one quick shot of Freddie and a dude together before moving on, which is actually better than how it’s treated in the movie, I AM SO MAD. Full Story

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Charlie & Rami, finally

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 20, 2018 16:56:58 August 20, 2018 16:56:58
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Kevin Winter/ Michael Tran/ Matt Winkelmeyer/ Getty Images

Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek attended a screening for their film Papillon this weekend. It opens on Friday and it’s been a while. Papillon premiered at TIFF last year and now it’s getting a late August release with, frankly, not that much buzz. Also, though I’m sure this is quality filmmaking with quality performances, the movie feels, to me, like a buzzkill. Full Story

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Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

Sarah Posted by Sarah at September 7, 2017 13:49:15 September 7, 2017 13:49:15