Arguments for:
-Have you seen him in the Men’s Health December issue OH MY GOD HOLY F-CK
-Please if you haven’t watch the video below
-Sons Of Anarchy is really popular and the cover would be well-timed going into its final episode.
-No scandal.
-There is no dude who would challenge this. NONE.
-He knows how to f-ck. I promise you.

Arguments against:
-He could have it if he wanted it. But I’m not sure he wants it. I’m not sure he’d sit down with PEOPLE for an exclusive interview on what makes him sexy and how he keeps up with his own sexiness and what he finds sexy in a woman…can you picture him talking about that? I can’t. Charlie likes it low-key. He doesn’t whore it out for fame. He’s not really interested in that kind of game. Look what happened with Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Odds: 6 to 1

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