Many of you are about to take off for Thanksgiving in America. Maybe you’ve already taken off. The next 24 hours will be all about turkey, football, and trying not to kill your homophobic racist mother/father/aunt/uncle/third cousin/brother/brother’s new girlfriend. Unless this is a fallacy perpetrated by movies and Saturday Night Live. But I don’t think so. Because I have a family too. Anyway, to help you through that, and because I’m a people pleaser who desperately needs your appreciation, here’s a brief update on Charlie Hunnam.

Last Friday, Charlie was at the Sturgill Simpson show in LA. As you can see, his long-time partner Morgana is with him.



Charlie wrapped on The Lost City Of Z earlier this month. So he’s home and he looks happy and his relationship is fine. Happy Thanksgiving! (But I’m still posting, don’t go anywhere if you don’t want to.)

PS. “AG”, I won’t out you.