Here’s the situation as I understand it, because it’s hard to understand crazy f-cking fans. There’s someone who runs a Facebook fan club for Charlie Hunnam. Her name is Tina. And people were being dicks on Facebook about Charlie’s girlfriend, Morgana. I guess Charlie found out about it and asked Tina to post a message that he wrote on the fan page telling them to not be so TwiHardy about his partner. Click here or here to read that message.

Basically he’s telling them to settle their asses down and to stop hating on his girl because he’ll never be boyfriend girlfriend Jax in real life with them.

Unfortunately the JaxHards weren’t feeling it and started accusing Tina of faking the message. So Charlie had to record a VIDEO MESSAGE which she posted to verify that he was, indeed, the author of the original message, holy f-ck I mean these people…

Click here to watch the video message.

So JaxHards are like CumHards are like TwiHards. They all be crazy hard.

Look, I think it’s very sweet that Charlie stepped up to defend Tina. But is it OK also to think that engaging this kind of mess in the first place never amounts to anything good? Because once you start, you can’t stop. Which is what happened here. Once you start, they expect you to keep going every single time. Being a fan is fine. But these are the kinds of fans who hit up the fan page every day and start fighting with each other and crying at each other and threatening each other – or developing conspiracy theories with each other, like Rob and Kristen have secret babies and Benedict Cumberbatch faked his pregnancy – and it never ends with these people.

Then again, maybe we don’t want it to end …since… at the same time, it’s really, really f-cking funny. But a part of me, nice and kind as he may be, wishes Charlie didn’t get involved. I don’t want to know that he spent his time addressing this sh-t. I don’t want to know that this is how he had to spend his energy.