Charlize Theron at the Venice Film Festival for The Burning Plain, a film she is also bringing to Toronto for TIFF.

Since she’s all serious and arty now, no longer the naked blonde we once saw in Two Days in the Valley, Charlize offered this interpretation of her character and the process of playing her:

"Why are people so flawed? We all are, in different degrees. (Becoming different people) either brings you to tears or sends chills down your spine. It's a moment when you can see yourself."

When you can see Charlize, what you see is a bitch. But at least she always brings it. Doesn’t hurt that she’s a mile high with legs a mile long. Rare the Charlize Theron misstep on a red carpet.

And she didn’t disappoint in Venice.

Magnificent, non? This is what Katherine Heigl keeps trying to be. FAIL.

Can’t wait to get Charlize’s classic condescending brush off at TIFF. At this point it’s like an annual tradition.

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