Jennifer Garner was out the other day with a friend when the paps showed up. She was in a cheeky mood, because when they started pestering her about her love life, she joked that she’s with Brad Pitt, now that he’s available (via PopSugar):

I mean, it’s a fun headline. And she obviously had a good time with it. And I’m having a good time with it, because these are the moments when she shows us her Amazing Amy. It doesn’t happen often but, as we all know, as we saw when she gave that interview to Vanity Fair, Jennifer Garner has a lot of edges underneath those dimples. This is also what I meant recently when I said that celebrities are the biggest gossips among gossips. They probably convened a Special General Meeting when World War Brange happened just to get it all out.

Is it possible though? Jennifer Garner and Brad Pitt? The MiniVan Majority would lose its f-cking mind. And, strategically, on image and PR, that would be a great play. Hook up with America’s Favourite Mom after over a decade with the Woman American Moms Are Afraid Of. So, yeah, it would be great gossip. Probably impossible gossip, but definitely worth a rub on the Gossip Genie. And then, after, if you thought Ben Affleck had a hard time with the MiniVan life, how do you think Brad Pitt would handle moving into a Martha Stewart Living house?

For now, Jennifer Garner continues to be not-divorced from Ben Affleck. I doubt it will happen before the end of the year, especially since he’s currently promoting The Accountant, opening next weekend, and Live By Night a few weeks later. Now that all the gossip has been focused on Brange and Kanye West’s wife, nobody’s all that hungry to revisit Ben’s old scandals right now. His scandals seem dated and tired by comparison and he’s on the smooth part of his Ben Is Ben’s Biggest Problem drama cycle, coming out of the mess of last year, on yet another comeback. More on Ben in the next post.