It’s September 1, and while summer doesn’t officially end until September 21 (I looked this up, please don’t yell at me if I’m off), after Labour Day weekend, summer is over. Back to school. No more skipping out of work early on Friday. Packing lunches every day instead hitting the patio. Buying new sweaters. It feels like the beginning of the year for everyone.

And all those relationships that bloomed over the summer are starting to look a little busted. There’ve been a lot of breakups, some from couples you may not even realized were dating – Lea Michele and Robert Buckley, Christie Brinkley and John Mellencamp, Ruby Rose and Harley Gusman, Bella Thorne and Greg Sulkin, JLo and Casper Bear, Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, and then the biggie, Calvin and Taylor, which made way for the glorious Hiddleston.

Outside of the value of gossip, I don’t know if anyone is really feeling hurt over most of these breakups. You read that list and it’s a shrug of inevitability. It takes a big, huge breakup to get our attention these days. And so the latest, Brooklyn and Chloe Grace Moretz, might not shake your world. But it is tragic because Young Love in the Age of Instagram is Dead.

Was it as inevitable as all the others? Of course, she is 19 and he is 17. They don’t always live in the same city. She works a lot, and he is starting to. His dad is so hot it could be distracting.  They are famous. It could never work. So why does it sting? Because at 17 and 19, you don’t know how it is. You know you aren’t going to like get married, but you don’t imagine a breakup could happen either.

Forever wasn’t on the table, but it was hopeful. It didn’t feel cynical, or for the paps, or set up. And it’s probably a first-love scenario. They wore matching clothes. She spoke about him publicly. She met his parents. It was ON in the way only teenagers can be ON. And being celebrities, they know they are being watched, and what does that add to the equation? Does it make falling in love more demonstrative, or more secretive? What did they share and what did they hide? And what now?

Brooklyn is a social media star, and they were not shy about sharing photos on Instagram. Will those be wiped? I want to say yes, because no one one has more feelings than a heartbroken teenager (or an embarrassed celebrity), but all is calm. Photos are up as of right now. Will Brooklyn and Chloe show more maturity than Calvin and Taylor? Or is this a ghosting, a “I’ll leak it to PEOPLE so I don’t have to have the talk” bail? Who got crushed here? I want to know the YA details.

A month ago, he was RT’ing her about matching sneakers and now young love is dead.

Summer, you are cruel.

Or, maybe not. Chloe was at LAX yesterday, reportedly on her way to London which is where Brooklyn was headed earlier this week.