Chloe Moretz stopped by Letterman yesterday before the Hick screening last night in New York. Some of these expressions, and that turn of her body, does it remind you of someone? I swear in a couple of these thumbnails I thought it was Lindsay Lohan 2006.

The style experts are all praisey of Chloe’s “appropriate” outfits. Is it in my head? Because to me, in comparison to someone as recent as Emma Watson, to me that’s a 25 year old. At least. I just...don’t remember Emma Watson looking not 15 when she was 15. Sure, there were designer clothes thrown at her. But it was either the way she wore them or the items she chose that kept her, firmly, at her exact age. She was poised, yes, but she was still awkward. As you are when you’re 15.

Chloe? Not awkward at all. I’m awkward about how not awkward she is.

As for Hick, I’ve heard from several people who saw it at TIFF. They say it’s good. Doesn’t make you feel good but it’s good. Super intense, gritty. They just don’t know if there’s an audience for it. I’ve attached the Hick trailer below. Eddie Redmayne’s versatility is amazing to me. He’s believable every time in such a wide variety of roles.


Blake Lively has largely been absent from promoting this film. Earlier this week she was in Napa with Ryan Reynolds. Is it because she can’t bear to be away from him? Or is this a career decision? Do you get the sense, even though Hick doesn’t suck, that she doesn’t want to be associated with it, preferring to save her sh-t for Savages?