Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran broke up 3 months ago, when she found out that another woman had his baby after a one night stand which… really? Like is safe sex extinct now? We couldn’t get away from that message when I was a teenager growing up in the 80s and 90s. It’s terrifying.

Anyway, Karrueche has maintained that she does not want him back, even though he’s been trying. Last night she stepped out to support Christina Milian and Chris showed up at the club. According to both TMZ and Gossip Cop, he also bought a table right next to Karrueche and her friends. That made her so uncomfortable that she decided to leave. So he followed her. And got into her car. Eventually, after the car had left the venue, she and her friends were able to make him leave. But apparently he showed up at her house, banging on the door, at 3am. She agreed to talk to him but not alone, so they met up at a diner where they ended up having a screaming match and she took off. So I guess that’s how Chris Brown shows a girl he’s still into her. I guess that’s Chris Brown’s idea of being romantic. And what’s even scarier is that that’s how some women see romance. That if a man is ardent enough, he will stop at nothing to get to her, to get in her face, to prove his devotion. You ever meet a guy like that? Or dated one? I dated one. He showed me a terrible version of love. It’s possessive and volatile and it was sold to me as passion… 

Or, you know, we could call it what it is: abuse.

Chris Brown is supposed to have changed from what happened with Rihanna. But when you read the rundown of what happened last night between him and Karrueche, are you convinced of this? Are you convinced that this is as far as it escalates where he’s concerned? When do we stop selling him as a sex symbol?