Here are photos of Chris Evans and Chadwick Boseman on set for Captain America: Civil War reshoots in Los Angeles this week. Evans is sporting some serious fake bruises on his face, which means Cap is getting his ass handed to him at some point. Boseman looks fine because Black Panther is smart and wears a full-face mask. I like picturing a scene that occurs between movies of the Avengers trying to convince Cap to get a full-on mask and he’s like, “No, I really like getting my cheekbone shattered every time we fight.”

So far, like Wonder Woman, we’ve only seen a little glimpse of Boseman as Black Panther, and all of that is dialogue-free action. Unlike Wonder Woman I don’t worry about Boseman’s acting chops because he’s already proven he’s got those in spades, but that aside, the two characters have a lot in common. They’re both making their on-screen debuts in supporting roles in a versus movie, then they’re both going on to topline their own films in 2017 and 2018, respectively. And there is a LOT riding on both, as they represent not only the future of their own franchises, but potentially other superhero franchises also to feature non-male, non-white leads. Neither one can whiff lest they jeopardize the future of more diverse superhero movies.

Not pictured is Sebastian Stan. You know how Lainey’s defensive about people jumping on the Oscar Isaac bandwagon post-Star Wars? That’s going to be me this summer if people start hopping on the Sebastian Stan Express after I’ve practically had it to myself for the last couple years.