The Captain America: Civil War junket happened this weekend which means it was screened for press. Early reviews have been very, very strong. The comparisons to Batman v Superman have been inevitable. The Avengers are fighting each other, just like Batman and Superman fought each other. So it’s worthwhile to note that the Avengers reaction is coming from actual media and not just fanboys. As you know, after opening big at the box office BvS ticket sales have been dropping. Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss beat it this weekend. Which means there’s a lot of money on the table for Captain America and Marvel. And there will be a LOT of Avengers coverage in the days to follow as the team comes together to promote the movie.

Check out Chris Evans at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday (taped to air Sunday) to present an exclusive clip. He’s been on my mind because I listened to him on Anna Faris’s podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, this weekend. Evans was joined by Jenny Slate and then Chris Pratt came home and all three of them ended up giving relationship advice together.

A few of you emailed me last week to react to Chris Evans’s comments. I was actually much more impressed by Chris Pratt. Because it’s so obvious – at least to me – listening to Chris Evans, the way he was interacting with Jenny and Anna, and claiming that he grew up around women and that his best friend is a woman so as to negate his frat bro image, that he’s so predictably typical. He’s the guy with one face to certain women and another to others. Like Minka Kelly was probably listening to this all, who the f-ck are you? Yes, sure, girls should go after what they want. But if he meets you at 10pm and you text him at 3am? Well, he’s judging you. The implication here is that a “nice girl” wouldn’t do that. It’s there, and it’s not that subtle either.

Chris Pratt on the other hand has some listening skills. He’s the guy who doesn’t react first and processes the situation before speaking. When he does speak up, more often than not, he’s asking a follow-up question, clarifying a point in the caller’s story, and if he’s not impressed by a certain detail, you can tell, he doesn’t bother masking his tone. My takeaway from his brief interjections and comments is that he’s a lot more thoughtful than he gets credited for and, frankly, a lot more thoughtful than Chris Evans.

Click here to listen if you haven’t already on your ride home.