Action movie star, that is. The People’s Choice Awards, arguably the most meaningless of award shows, was last night and Chris Evans walked away with one of those dildo-looking trophies for being everyone’s favorite action star. He attended the awards dressed like that hot substitute teacher you fantasized about in high school (every school has one), and then he won the internet for the night by helping Betty White up to the stage.


It sort of amazes me how far Evans has brought Captain America in the last couple years. He took Cap from “nobody’s favorite Avenger” to the second-most popular, behind only RDJ & Tony Stark, and in the younger demographics, Evans & Cap are actually surpassing the Marvel Godfather. Captain America: Civil War, even from this far out, looks like a lock to earn a billion dollars, fronted by Marvel’s two most popular superheroes (RDJ won favorite movie actor, again). It makes me wonder, watching everyone meltdown over Evans’s aw-shucks, I Heart Mom, here-let-me-help-you-ma’am spiel just how big he could be if he actually wanted the position in which he finds himself.


Evans has proved allergic to fame, and he won’t go along with stuff like Sexiest Man Alive, so he’s not really capitalizing on his own momentum (which has paved the way for Chris Pratt, so who’s complaining, really?). He’s actively trying not to be That Guy, and yet he still kind of is That Guy. Imagine if he actually embraced it.