Sorry. I had to, sorry. And by the way, if you don’t have Heads Up on your phone, it’s a good app to add. Duana and I play Heads Up all the time, sometimes when we’re podcasting. I don’t think anybody who’s ever played Heads Up could have imagined that it would result in a nude leak though? 


In case you missed it, Chris went viral on Saturday because while sharing a video of a game of Heads Up on Instagram stories, he also gave up a shot of his camera roll, which featured a shot of his penis. Also in his camera roll – a meme: his face accompanied by the words “Guard That Pussy”. It’s the combination of the two, his dick pic and the meme, that resulted in a frenzy. 

He deleted quickly but… you know. This is embarrassing, obviously. And it can happen to anyone. So far he hasn’t commented because, well, what is there to say? But Chris is going to be OK. He’s received enormous support on social media from fans, learning from K-pop stans, flooding hashtags with safe content to push down and bury the original image, with many citing that he has anxiety and using the opportunity to talk about mental health. Others are pointing out that the same generosity is not extended to women, who are often relentlessly shamed, if and when similar situations occur. 

And Mark Ruffalo weighed in too – reminding us that nothing Chris could post would ever be as mortifying has the f-cksh-t Donald Trump does on a daily basis. Hourly basis, actually. 


His brother, Scott, took a lighter approach, which hopefully suggests that perhaps Chris can actually laugh about it.

Because as Ira Madison III tweeted:

I haven’t been single in a long, long, long ass time, and even I have dicks in my camera roll from creeps in my mentions or my girlfriends who are single and share the dicks with us on group chat. And before you get all sanctimonious about why they’re sending it to all of us, it’s not like they had a choice in the receiving of said dicks. This is the reality of modern hookups. You match on an app, and literally it can go from “how was your day?” to a dick in the next message. As someone told me this weekend, “every dick pic I’ve ever gotten has been unsolicited”. Every. Single. One. Dudes out there just think you want to see their dicks in the middle of the day, like while you’re having your lunch. And it’s become a personality descriptor now. There’s a new guy in the office. Oh yeah? What’s he like. Well, he’s the kind of dude who sends unsolicited dick pics. That’s all you have to say and whoever you’re talking to knows exactly what you mean. Now I’m not saying that Chris Evans is out here dick-bombing people. Captain America would never. My point is that dicks are on every phone – and I imagine that there are even more dicks on more phones during COVID. With the exception of the cis lesbian community, unless of course their straight girlfriends are commiserating with them about the dick pic pandemic …for which there will never be a vaccine. Unless they come up with a vaccine for toxic masculinity. Will such a thing ever be discovered?