Here are new photos of Chris Evans walking around in a tight shirt. Enjoy.

That could be the sum total of this post. But there’s a woman in frame with him, and I’ve been getting emails about a mystery woman sighting last week, so I leave it to you eagle-eyed nerds to decide if the woman in these photos, ID’ed as actress Lindsay McKeon, is the same as the mystery woman from last week. I don’t think it is, but I don’t think it means anything, either, except that Evans is hot and he can get it. Although he really needs to stop skipping leg day. When your bicep is bigger than your thigh, it’s time to do some squats.

I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about Evans’ Marvel contract and the two-part Avengers finale, Infinity War Part I & II. Evans signed a six-picture deal with Marvel for three Captain America movies and three Avengers movies. So far, he’s made no move to extend his contract, though his cameo in Thor: The Dark World was negotiated separately in order to keep his 3/3 structure. Which means there is one more Avenger movie than there is Chris Evans appearance as Captain America. I’ve gotten a bunch of “how does this work?!” questions, so here’s how it works.

It doesn’t matter whether or not they shoot the Infinity War as one big movie that is then split in half because you still have to pay the actors for two movies. (Which they probably won’t do because it isn’t “one big movie”, it’s two different movies with co-dependent plots.) And once Captain America: Civil War is in the can, Evans simply won’t have two movies left on his contract. He’ll only have one. Make your assumptions accordingly.