Chris Evans has been in Georgia filming Gifted, a movie about a guy fighting for custody of his genius niece, so it’s like a cross between Little Man Tate and a Lifetime movie of the week. The script was on the Black List, but then, so was Pan, and it’s directed by Marc Webb, who crashed and burned with the rebooted Spider-Man franchise. And Chris Evans’ taste is The Worst, so this movie has a lot going for it. Actually, it does have Jenny Slate, who is spectacular in everything always, so there’s that.

It also has Beardy Chris Evans in this total banker suit, looking skinny for the first time in like, five years. With Captain America: Civil War wrapped, and Avengers: Infinity War not due to start filming until late next year at the earliest, he’s got some downtime from Marvel (not counting Civil War reshoots in the new year). He’s still skipping leg day, but it’s less noticeable without the superhero bulk up top, and in this suit he looks like the manager of your local savings and loan. Chris Evans, Fantasy Investment Banker, would really like to talk to you about your 401(k).