It’s time once again to play everyone’s favorite game—Chris Evans Wheel of Fortune! With a spin of the wheel we’ll determine if Chris Evans’ next movie will be another Snowpiercer, or will it be a chance to make another godawful movie like Playing It Cool? Will it land on “Impressive Supporting Turn” like The Iceman and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, or will Chris Evans’ luck run out and he’ll get “Sh*tty Rom-Com” again? Nobody knows! So let’s play a round of the Chris Evans Wheel of Fortune!

The movie in question is currently in development—uh-oh! Plenty of time for things to go wrong!—and is called Jekyll. It’s a feature film adaptation of a 2007 BBC miniseries written by Steven Moffat, which is a modern day sequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Victorian-era Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It centers on Jekyll’s only living descendant, Tom Jackman, who starts displaying the same symptoms as his ancestor. The miniseries is pretty good, and the film version is written by the guys who worked with Shane Black on The Nice Guys and his upcoming Doc Savage. There’s no director yet, but they have plenty of time to find one since Avengers 3/4 starts filming later this year and will shoot straight through next summer.

So let’s spin the wheel and determine the degree to which type of Chris Evans movie this will be, a cheesy romantic comedy or an overly sincere drama? And it lands on… “Doesn’t sound like a twee nightmare”! We’re off to a decent start, as we’ve already avoided the “Sh*tty Rom-Com” category. The next spin is to determine the odds that Evans can pull off a dual role like Jekyll and Hyde. Here we go… “Remember The Iceman”! Yes, to be fair, Evans was virtually unrecognizable as a hitman in that movie, proving he can play twisted characters.

And our last spin will decide the odds on how good or bad Jekyll could be. And it’s… “This is Chris Evans, remember? His taste is terrible”! Ouch, that’s a bummer of a final spin! But it’s true, this IS Chris Evans and his taste IS terrible. However, by the time Jekyll goes into production he could well be done with Captain America, which means he has to get smart about building his career outside of Marvel because that safety net is vanishing. Taking a chance on a high concept movie like Jekyll is, at least on paper, a good idea. He’s got to take chances like this.