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It’s that time again. The holiday season. The time when we eat and drink WAY too much. The time where tumbleweeds blow through gyms. And every year, one month following today, we are either in a panic trying to undo all that we did over the last 30 days or we have decided that this is the year we finally get ourselves fit. The latter of the two will be discussed later this month but here are a few tips to make sure you survive the holiday season in the best possible form.

Go to the gym. Just because you have a party to go to that night, or a work function at lunch, is no reason to skip your workouts. If you have to go straight from the office to the cocktail bar, then plan your workout accordingly. Either get it done first thing in the morning or squeeze it in a lunch but pick something maybe a little less sweaty. Try a flowy yoga class or a barre class. You are going to get all the strength and tone with, hopefully, a little less sweat.

Skip your workout because you had too much fun the night before. One of the best ways to snap yourself out of a hangover is a light workout. Maybe skip the early morning spin class but get out for a brisk walk or hit the gym for a little bit a strength training. My best friend and I always do the same hike up the same mountain when we are hungover. It isn’t our best performance by far, but getting to the top is all that matters. Hydration is key here too. When you arrive, or stagger, home after your Christmas party, force a glass of water down. Keep one beside your bed which you can drink throughout the night and have another in the morning.

Enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. One of my favourite things to do during this time is gather with friends over great food and good wine, but I don’t go crazy. There may be one or two events where I know my willpower doesn’t stand a chance, but I make note of those events early and make sure the other celebrations I limit my consumption. Offer to be the driver to keep yourself from drinking or simply just stay away from the dessert.

Sit at home by yourself and polish off a box of chocolate truffles because you think if you don’t eat them then who will? I always say “make the wrong choice at the right time”. As I mentioned above, it is ok to enjoy some indulgences now and again, but maybe keep the buttered popcorn in the bag on the one night you’re snuggled on the couch watching your favourite movie. Saying yes to your mom’s famous Christmas dessert is ok, but saying yes to an entire bowl of chocolates at the office is not.

Set fitness goals each week, as you normally would but…

Try and come out of this month with the scale reading lower than it did when it started. I have so many clients that beg me to help them lose weight before their winter vacation but unless they started working towards it a month ago, it is pretty much hopeless. Now I am not saying it is impossible as some of us (myself not included) have amazing will power but if you are like the majority then finishing off this month where we started is considered a success.

And remember, with New Year’s Resolutions just around the corner, get your smutty fitness questions to me, here, early!

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