Last week the human embodiment of spoiled milk, David Duke, attempted to take down Chris Evans on Twitter and got his ass electrically handed to him because Evans is a decent guy and David Duke just a pile of talking garbage. Well, they’re back at it. Or rather, Duke is back at it because it’s not like he has anything going on in his life except his fake wizardry and secret hate-handshakes. He accuses Evans of “hat[ing] the women of his people” and invokes the hashtag #whitegenocide. I think we’re all starting to lose here.

But Evans, bless him, perseveres, and implores Duke—a dunce-capped cretin—to try love, saying, “I promise it’s in you under the anger and fear.” Seriously, bless Chris Evans, this is far, FAR nicer than I would be at this point.

This kind of reminds me of when Stetson Kennedy used a popular Superman radio show in the 1940s to dispel the mystique of the KKK. They never named the KKK, but there was no mistaking who Superman was fighting, and Kennedy, who had gone undercover with the Klan to learn all their dumb f*ck secret names and codes, peppered enough of that ridiculous sh*t in the broadcast that by the end of the four-month run, the KKK’s recruiting power—surging after World War II—had essentially been nullified. I see a parallel with Evans using a popular social media platform to make David Duke look like even more of an underwear stain than he already does.

That said, I hope this doesn’t continue because it’s only going to get worse from Duke’s side because there is no “try love” argument that works on people like him. He does not have love under his anger and fear. There is only more anger and fear, and the sneaking suspicion that he is not special. There’s no humanity in David Duke worth appealing to because he has closed himself off to empathy and compassion. He thought he could ride hatred to a seat of power only to see himself become a laughingstock, and even when he thought his era was dawning again, he finds himself the subject of mockery and scorn and a polite actor’s pity. Take the W, Cap, and leave this gangrenous wound of a human to fester in his own irrelevance.

PS: Evans was partying in Houston and a cell phone video of his frat-tastic partying made it to TMZ. Someone’s getting bounced from the entourage for sure. Click here to see.

Attached - Chris Evans at DirecTV's Super Saturday Night event last week.