Remember the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies? You know, the two terrible ones no one talks about, and then the first one that most people like and the Christmas one that everyone likes? Well there’s a new one. Chevy Chase is still around as the patriarch of the perpetually doomed Griswold family, but now the role of “manically determined to have fun at all costs father” is being played by Ed Helms as the grown up Rusty Griswold. It looks like a rehashing of the first Vacation, down to the road trip to Wally World plot, but I will give it this—the bit at the beginning where Helms says the new Vacation will stand on its own made me laugh. Such is the power of Ed Helms’s delivery.

But the part everyone is talking about—literally—is Chris Hemsworth’s prosthetic dick. Look at it! It’s so huge! Haha, that’s the whole joke—look at his big dick! What a lazy dick joke. You know what is a good dick joke? This one from Silicon Valley. Anyway, the Greater Hemsworth is in this movie because he’s taking on comedy now. He was a pretty good SNL host earlier this year, so it’s not a bad idea for him. Any chance to show off skills beyond fake face-punching and all that. I’ve never really understood the Hemsworthian appeal, but he’s lost a lot of the beefcake mass and is working a lankier surfer dude look these days. This is right in my wheelhouse, actually. I could care less about the lame big dick joke, but the Thelma and Louise-era Brad Pitt vibe Hemsworth is putting out is kind of doing it for me.