I reported last week that Chris Martin and Alexa Chung were out together in New York the night after the MET Gala. Click here for a refresher. Now HEAT Magazine has the photo. Not a pap photo but a shot that looks like it was taken on the creep by someone in the restaurant on their smart phone.

HEAT isn’t a reliable source for anything, really, but they do seem to have the cash to throw at people. The person who provided the shot tells the publication that the two were “tucked away in a dark corner of the back room the bar. Chris and Alexa seemed to know each other really well. They were both in a great mood, and even asked us to watch their bags when they went out for a cigarette”.

Didn’t take long, did it?

If you’ve listened to the lyrics of his new songs, you know why it didn’t take long. He may have tried to re-commit himself to his marriage before ultimately deciding to consciously uncouple but he couldn’t forget the girl with the big eyes under the festival sky, who knew all the strange songs, and didn’t stress about daycare schedules and hemp hearts.

You’d think that girl could inspire some better music though. If I were Alexa Chung, I’d be embarrassed I’m responsible for Magic.