Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue went for a late night walk together on Sunday night/Monday morning in London. She had just played a show at Hyde Park and the two were papped arm in arm around 1:30am. The Daily Mail has exclusive rights to these shots until this evening; I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to write about it so click here to see the photos.

Though the article stresses up and down, several times, that the two have been friends for years, many are wondering whether or not it’s actually more. Like, yeah sure, they’ve been friends for years, and have collaborated on music together, but also, for years, he was married and now he’s not. Now he’s going on midnight promenades…

And if there was ever a time for friendship to turn into romance, well, he’s officially and consciously uncoupled – although, um, that might not have been a factor before. Also, I feel like they might be at the same place in their lives? More than, say, he and Jennifer Lawrence?

Still. It’s that arm-in-arm thing, you know? The arm-in-arm is not holding hands. I’ve arm-in-armed with male friends before and had no desire to f-ck them. The arm-in-arm is throwing me off. Like the way I’m playing Photo Assumption on this is that it’s totally sex-less. It’s not that two people have to be grinding each other with every step, I just don’t read any of those vibes here, do you? And I want to. I want to read those vibes. I just don’t.

Most importantly though – what does G think?

I think G would favour Minogue.