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Chris & Annabelle: Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2020 16:12:56 March 20, 2020 16:12:56

I appreciate the relationship status updates that we’re getting from the stars during the time of Coronavirus. LA is now on lockdown but before the announcement yesterday, Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis stepped out to pick up some groceries. As you can see, Chris’s social distancing wardrobe is… excellent. Full Story

Wonder Woman 1984 has friends and Steve Trevor

Sarah Posted by Sarah at December 9, 2019 14:19:45 December 9, 2019 14:19:45
The Mega Agency, Miguel Schincariol/ Getty Images

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker coming out in a couple weeks, all the big summer 2020 movies are starting to drop trailers which will be attached to Skywalker in theaters. It is also CCXP, the giganti-huge Brazilian comic con, which means this is the perfect time for Wonder Woman 1984 to give us a trailer. Full Story

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Best Chris of the Week  

Sarah Posted by Sarah at August 2, 2019 15:23:32 August 2, 2019 15:23:32
Charley Gallay/ Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

This should be an official ranking. The Top Chris leaderboard fluctuates regularly, based on who is doing what on any given day. For instance, this week, Worst Chris is Evans, because I realized he made like 90 Marvel movies and only took his shirt off once, and his near-constant shirtlessness Full Story

Chris Pine’s 90s Titanic hair

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 10, 2019 20:46:54 May 10, 2019 20:46:54
Wenn, Emma McIntyre/ Amanda Edwards/ Darlene Hammond/ Richard Corkery/ NY Daily News Archive/ Getty Images

Chris Pines limited series, I Am The Night, aired earlier this year on TNT. Reviews were medium. I don’t know if it made that much of an impact. As we know, television is a crowded space now, and it’s a peak space – there are so many shows, so many good shows, even great shows, that most of us can’t watch everything, we watch what we like, and we cluster together with the people who also watch what we like. Full Story

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Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis go for breakfast

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 13, 2019 20:23:33 March 13, 2019 20:23:33

That’s basically the post. Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis were photographed out for breakfast yesterday with a friend so you are updated on their status: still together.  I was just thinking about Kathleen’s Best Chris the other day, though, because Wonder Woman was on. We still have over a year to go before Wonder Woman 1984 opens. Full Story

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Chris Pine Wears Clothes

Sarah Posted by Sarah at January 28, 2019 14:29:27 January 28, 2019 14:29:27
Wenn, Kevin Winter/ Richard Heathcote/ Dimitrios Kambouris/ Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images

Chris Pine is not my Best Chris—that would be Hemsworth—but maybe he’s yours. He is enough people’s Best Chris that I accept him as A Best Chris. Maybe not THE Best Chris, but definitely A Best Chris. He made a case for being THE Best Chris by showing up to the SAG Awards in a cream tuxedo and velvet slippers. Full Story

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Chris Pine starts the day (again)

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 22, 2019 14:25:17 January 22, 2019 14:25:17
MediaPunch/ BACKGRID, Jose Perez/ SplashNews

We kicked off the site yesterday with photos of Chris Pine heading to New York for promotional appearances for I Am the Night. Here he is yesterday on Good Morning America. He decided on an oatmeal clingy-ish sweater tucked into brown pants. The sweater is textured but it reads more casual, to me at least, than it might in person. Full Story

Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis are still together

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 21, 2019 15:15:13 January 21, 2019 15:15:13

It is currently somewhere between minus 19 or minus 25 degrees Celsius in Toronto depending on what part of the city you’re in. Basically it’s cold AS F-CK. A lot of people couldn’t get to work because their cars won’t start. Some of the streetcars are frozen on the tracks. My dogs are too precious to go for a walk because the freeze is hurting the pads on their paws. Full Story