Leading up to Jurassic World, Chris Pratt covers the June issue of GQ, and once again, they have made him look like Not Chris Pratt. This happened last year with GQ as well. It’s something about the hair, I think? The height on his hair makes his head look huge. Or maybe it’s that Pratt’s expressiveness is lost in still photos and so he looks out context somehow. The cover is the worst offender—that is definitely Not Chris Pratt.

The interview, however, is totally Chris Pratt. He’s an incredibly likeable guy and even when he talks about his acting process, he retains that Everyman vibe that’s fueling his movie star turn. That’s mostly because he’s unashamed to admit he Googles acting tips—this is Chris Pratt, the accessible movie star, the good guy who made it just by being a good guy. That comes through in this interview, even when he talks about his acting process because his acting process, at least as he represents it, is mechanical and the product of WORK. Any art form is equal parts craft and creation, but a lot of artists try and pass it off as pure inventiveness, like their art just springs forth, fully formed, a fight-ready Athena of ability. Not true, ever, for anyone, and Pratt, at least, owns that. It’s a huge part of his charm, that he’s not afraid to look like he’s working.

There’s also a great bit about Pratt’s wife, Anna Faris, having been the more famous one when their relationship started. It’s adorable how Pratt talks about Faris: “She's done really amazing things—she's always gonna be known for really funny and great work, critically acclaimed work and successful stuff,” while the writer, Chris Heath, notes that Faris’s success “reached its peak with The House Bunny”. Pratt loves his wife, he’s enthusiastic about and proud of her, but you can kind of see how actors get so out whack when not even their spouses have a realistic view on their careers.

But the best part of the interview is at the end, in a coda provided by Pratt’s Parks & Rec co-star, Nick Offerman. They text each other pictures of their poos (Lainey probably wants in on this action). Of their fecal communiqués Offerman says, “Ours is an ursine language, of which, if you have to ask—you'll never know.” They should let Nick Offerman do Pratt’s next interview for GQ—that would be AMAZING.

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