A report went out last night that Chris Rock was in final negotiations to return as host of the Oscars. He just tweeted this:

In early December, one of the two new Oscar show producers, David Hill, told Entertainment Weekly that:

“There will be multiple hosts for sure – there will be two.”

So when I wrote about the story, I suggested Chris Rock with Kevin Hart. As noted in that article, after he hosted back in 2005, he predicted that he wouldn’t be asked back. He took shots at Nicole Kidman, Cuba Gooding Jr, and mostly, Jude Law. Remember he was like “Why is Jude Law???” And Sean Penn got all offended? That’s probably why it took 11 years. Because actors are so precious. They’re still precious. It’s the audience that’s changed. It’s social media now that everyone is thirsty for. So the actors will have to deal with the snark.

Will Chris Rock bring the snark? Will he stand up there and tell Johnny Depp that his savage is a joke?