There’s been a discussion lately about the whitewashing of Exodus. Sarah posted about it here the other day. Exodus opens on December 12. Some are calling for a boycott. Why don’t we call it an alternative?

Chris Rock’s Top Five opens wide on the same day. This is the film that started a bidding war at TIFF, eventually selling for $12.5 million. Which means that even white Hollywood – a major studio (Paramount) no less – thinks it’s good. You know how they are though. They’ll throw money at sh-tty movies over and over again but a female-led feature or a feature with a predominantly black cast often only gets one chance.

Top Five is getting great reviews. Right now it’s at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and 93% on Metacritic. Vanity Fair says it’s Chris Rock’s Annie Hall. I’ve attached the trailer below which I’ve watched several times already but the bit at the end with the hangers always cracks me up. Will this be your option next weekend?