Chrissy O did not go quietly. When we first heard about Chrissy O and even after we saw her on that private plane, wearing ankle socks and all four of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings in what just might be the #1 gossip photo of the year…



...Chrissy O refused to hide. She flaunted her drop top Lexi on Instagram. We saw blurry pap shots of her delivering a bottle of Veuve to Ben Affleck’s place. Click here to revisit those photos and Ben’s big welcoming smile. She took the paps around Los Angeles. She hit the gym. She had her hair blown out and her nails done nice. Only then, after she made a serious impression, did Chrissy O go underground. For months. Until now.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Chrissy O is in the Bahamas with her ex-fiance. Apparently Chrissy O was engaged when she and Ben Affleck were allegedly hooking up. The engagement ended in June. But now she and Christoph, yes, that’s his name, have been all over each other in the Caribbean and seem to have resumed their relationship and ET says that they’ll be there “indefinitely”. Chrissy and Christoph living large? This totally sounds like a (TV) movie plot about two love hustlers who con a movie star with an affair and end up with a mega payoff.

Click here to see the picture of Chrissy and Christoph at the beach over at Entertainment Tonight. Curiously, ET was also the outlet that broke the news of Chrissy O’s Lexus in the summer. In my experience, this is not a coincidence.

Attached – Ben Affleck flew back to LA from Georgia where he’s been shooting Live By Night this weekend to spend time with his kids and Jennifer Garner. That beanie isn’t doing much for him.