Ciara performed the US national anthem to kick off the 2016 College Football National Championship Game last night in Glendale, AZ. Alabama beat Clemson to take the title. But a lot of people are talking about Ciara’s dress. Specifically, during her performance, ESPN’s Bonnie Bernstein tweeted this:

Me? I don’t see the problem. It’s a pretty regal gown. My colleague Traci Melchor called it “majestic” this morning. There’s a cape. It sparkles. She brought it for the occasion. Football is life in America. And championship football is the peak of living. Does she look sexy? Sure. Does sexy mean it’s “obscene”? If you’re equating sexy with obscene is that her problem or is it yours? And, um, aren’t there cheerleaders on the field too? And how is this different from ANY FIGURE SKATING OUTFIT…?

Not surprisingly, Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports 1, who once wrote that men have a "pussy galore" problem because they're tempted all over the place by attractive women entering the workforce and therefore a man who earns a decent salary should be allowed to have a mistress (seriously, click here to read about that), also weighed in supporting Bonnie's position:


She's wearing a gown. Not sure where he's seeing that "nudity" but, again, if he looks at this floor length dress and starts thinking about her clit, is that her problem or IS IT HIS F-CKING PERVERSION???