Cloud Atlas will premiere at TIFF. Have you read it? As I noted the other day - click here for a refresher - I was nervous about how it could be a film and at the same time, curious about how it would look as a film as imagined by the Wachowskis. Now an almost 6 minute trailer is online. And, well, it certainly seems intriguing...for the first third of the preview.

Warner Bros probably didn’t intend for this to be shown, especially not in North America, so watch it soon before it gets taken down. The problem, obviously, is that it’s too long. I’ve now learned a lesson in the art of movie trailer-ing: they’re only two and a half minutes max for a reason. Because after that it gets EXHAUSTING.

I mean the beginning is great, sure. And it’s supposed to leave you wanting more. But when the voice-overs continue with the swelling of the music and the slow motion of things falling apart, oh God I’m almost begging Michael Bay to come around to blow that sh-t up while a model stands around breathing with an open mouth.

Anyway, aside from the length, here are some quick observations:

-I love Jim Broadbent
-I find Tom Hanks infinitely watchable even when he’s dressed up all butch...DID YOU SEE THAT???
-Halle and Hanks have really great chemistry
-Am I allowed to not like Hugo Weaving? Does that mean I’ll never be admitted to Cool Club?
-Jim Sturgess!