Taylor Swift was never scheduled to attend the VMAs as we heard last week although every self-respecting gossip was hoping for some kind of Kanye surprise. From him, totally. From her? It was unlikely as much as we all Genied for it. But would she cockblock the VMAs in a different way? Fly to Australia, give us some new Swoki photos, or go Swoki Instagram official? Didn’t happen. Taylor stayed quiet all night. Which is the right move.

And not only was she quiet, she was also in Nashville, preparing to show up for jury duty today. Are you allowed to tweet from jury selection?!? I wouldn’t know. I have never, ever, ever in my life been invited to jury duty. This really bites my ass. Because, obviously, as a gossip columnist I am not judgmental and always fair. Anyway, here’s Taylor with her fellow jury members:


Is the dude in the blue shirt with his back against the wall a Katy Perry fan? Nah, he claps for her later:

When asked about what she does for a living, this was Taylor’s response:

In the end though, Taylor was not selected.

But the asshole cynic in me is really, really curious about the convenient timing of all it. Coincidence or conspiracy? Can jury duty be deferred/rescheduled? Google tells me it can. You don’t think… like she wouldn’t… would she?