Every morning I scan through photo agencies to get an idea of what I might want to write about. When I saw these new shots of Colin Farrell in Philadelphia yesterday I wondered how I’d be able to work Tom Hardy into a post about him... because this is what happens when you have a Summer Crush - he becomes part of every conversation. Then I remembered that Hardy and Farrell were, at one point, both reportedly being considered for Total Recall. In the end it was more about scheduling: Hardy was committed to Bane and The Dark Knight Rises and fell off the list rather quickly. So it’s Colin who will be headlining the remake opening in August. This is his chance to be a big box office player...with Jeremy Renner in his way.

Total Recall and Bourne Legacy open on the same day. Who do you choose?

PS. Errrm, Lawless comes out on August 29th.Colin could have been Tom vs Jeremy