Same as your baby son whose first name is Henry. Henry Tadeusz, as announced today by your spokesperson, born on October 7. October 7 is also the birthday of my Polish father-in-law. His name is Stanislaw. It’s like we’re having a Polish party together.

I love Tadeusz. I love how it sounds…


The “SZ” used to scare me. But after 9 years of Polishness, I’m all over the “SZ”. Jacek’s last name begins with “SZ”. See? It’s like we’re living the same life. Unfortunately “SZ” also confounds the telemarketers. People can be so ignorant when it comes to “foreign” sounding names. A lady once told me Jacek’s name was too hard to pronounce and he should just change it to JACK.

No, bitch, his name is not JACK. And would it kill you to let in the rest of the world?

I’m sorry. This is not a time to be crusty. We are celebrating the birth of your boy. Congratulations. Sto lat!

Love you,


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