Duana is Irish. The man she’s marrying is half-Irish. So this post is with them in mind. 

Check out Colin Farrell with his sister in the Motherland yesterday. Colin is Duana’s celebrity crush. Last year when we were working out beside him at the gym during Oscar week, she could barely hold it together. This is a girl who has been super chill through this entire wedding process. Is walking around right now like nothing’s happening tomorrow, in a bra and pair of shorts, and dirty hair that she doesn’t care to wash, not even for the rehearsal dinner tonight. She and I are having a sleepover party at the hotel later. I have decided that if she stays this calm all day I will pick a fight with her, just to see if she’s still alive inside.

We’re now a month out from the release of Colin’s Total Recall, opening in the wake of The Dark Knight Rises. I worry a little about this for him. Colin a solid actor. But he is not a solid box office draw. They hoped that Recall would do that for him. Will it?

PS. Colin’s sister is also his personal assistant. So they’re together constantly. What do they have to talk about so much all the time? As an only child, I mostly don’t feel like I’ve missed out on much. But something tells me I would know the answer to my question if I had siblings.