Production on the Love Actually “sequel” continued this weekend. It’s a 10 minute short film that will air on Red Nose Day in the UK on March 24 and the following day in North America. We saw Liam Neeson shooting his scenes a couple of weeks ago and now director Emma Freud is showing us Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister and “his” Natalie.



So they’re married now. And, apparently, after 14 years, he’s still Prime Minister? Martine McCutcheon, who plays Natalie, was supposed to break out big after Love Actually. It never happened. There were all kinds of rumours about her being difficult, her ego being out of control. She says she was treated unfairly and, well, it’s not like Hugh Grant doesn’t have a certain reputation on set.

In addition to Martine and Hugh, Colin Firth was also seen shooting his scenes for the Love Actually update. In a turtleneck sweater. He was wearing a turtleneck sweater in the movie when all his pages flew into the water, remember?

God he looks great in a turtleneck sweater. No sign of Aurelia yet though.