As you know, Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid called off their engagement, some time before US Thanksgiving. He got out of there fast, too. Like moved back to London ASAP. All kinds of rumours about why they couldn’t work it out. Supposedly they were in therapy for a while about where to live. And supposedly he wanted to stay home all the time and she had an active social life. Smoking was rumoured to be an issue. Also something about her “mothering” him. No matter, it’s done. Last week some tabloid reported that she and Matthew Perry were doing the Monica and Chandler in real life. Those claims were quickly shut down.

And now she’s out with Will Arnett.

The two have been friends for a while. On Tuesday night they were out for dinner. TMZ has video of them leaving separately, Courteney getting into her ride, and Will exiting afterwards, walking to her car half a block down, only to turn back and call an Uber because the paps were there.

According to Entertainment Tonight, they were “all over each other” inside the restaurant. I can see it. Can you see it? I mean Courteney’s personality is a LOT different from Amy’s and by different I mean, um, not so warm, but still. On professional status is a good match. On personal pasts it’s a good match. And they run in the same circle. Will and Justin Theroux are good friends. They play video games together. Will was at the Aniston-Theroux wedding too. It feels like the kind of set-up that their friends have been working on for a while.

Does Will get the invite to join Courteney in Mexico for New Year’s?