Dear Gossips,

Last night Kathleen and I went to see The Bodyguard Musical. It’s playing in Toronto at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. We had no idea going in that the show would feature more than just the songs from The Bodyguard movie. We had no idea going in that the show would actually include so many more hits from the Whitney Houston catalogue, even though the internet is making that very clear to me this morning.

Still, I prefer it that way. Because it became a surprise singalong for us, during the performance and after the performance, in my car on the way home, which of course millennial Kathleen had to document on her Insta-story. Then we laughed about how many times we’ve montaged ourselves after breakups to Whitney’s music. Or, you know, just on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

After I dropped her off at home, I cranked up the Whitney even louder in the car and imagined myself in a karaoke competition singing I Have Nothing and bringing people to tears. The truth is I can sing. This is not true for anyone else. In fact, for everyone else, this is the exact opposite of the truth. But it doesn’t f-cking matter. Because when Whitney is singing to me in the car, when we are singing together, I believe I can sing. I also believe that there’s a camera on me, shooting me in the most beautiful light, broadcasting the video Truman Show styles to all the pretend people in my head who think it’s entertaining to watch a woman driving home contemplatively to the soundtrack of Whitney Houston.

Don’t walk away from me!
Don’t you dare walk away from me!

I don’t know what Kathleen ended up doing last night but I’m pretty sure Whitney was cranked and that she too was padding around her apartment creating her own self-indulgent “reality show”. And I’m also pretty sure that this isn’t unfamiliar to some of you out there. That it’s just been you and Whitney at some point, and she was all you needed, whatever you were going through, however superficial, but often, to you at least, monumental. Reneice Charles wrote earlier this week that for her, being with Whitney “taught (her) the greatest love of all for (her) queer black self”.

This is the impact of a generational artist. And it’s just a small part of what they leave behind.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS. Thanks to those of you who’ve been asking – the Annual Contest entry to predict Oscar winners will be posted on Monday. As always, there’s a gorgeous bag to be won. I just went to pick up this year’s bag yesterday – a bag I have been wanting for months. It’s the perfect cross-body, I love it SOOOOOO much. Click here to see. More on Monday – hope you’re thinking about your ballot!