Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, and JJ Abrams were in Seoul today promoting Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Um, you guys, we are just a week away. A WEEK AWAY. I’m not sure Sarah is going to sleep this weekend.

I like that this is the Star Wars A Team going out for the new generation. No doubt, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill (where the f-ck is Luke???) will be on the carpet at the Hollywood premiere, but they’re building the next phase of the franchise on these faces. So they’re the emissaries. And they’re the ones I want to get to know better. The minute you leave the theatre, you’ll be wanting to know them better, won’t you? Like you’ll immediately go home and watch Attack The Block? (PS. You’ll love Attack The Block.) And you’ll Netflix everything Daisy Ridley has been in, including Mr Selfridge? Or maybe you’ll immediately turn around and buy another ticket. Sometimes there’s too much to absorb in the first viewing. This will likely be me.

By the way, both of Daisy’s outfits here in Seoul are amazing. This pantsuit is giving me life. The Force has awakened a fashion star. Sorry, that was so lame but I couldn’t help it.