I don’t think I’ve talked about Fifty Shades Of Grey at all this week. Have I? Pretty sure no. Pretty sure I haven’t asked you about Dakota Johnson yet. As I told you last week in my review of the movie, she totally makes the movie. You are so into her in the movie.

Weren’t you?

So far, I haven’t heard from anyone telling me I’m out of my ass on that point. Because she’s good as Anastasia. She completely transforms Anastasia. And you like Anastasia! You like Dakota!

There’s a spark of that in this clip from her interview with David Letterman this week. That humour you see in the film, that sense of fun, it’s right there, it’s undeniably there. And I can’t wait to see what that looks like on Saturday Night Live when she hosts on February 28th.

But where was this fun side when she had to do all that press with Jamie Dornan?

Is he a fun-sucker?

I don’t worry about Dakota getting through the next two movies. I do wonder how he’s going to make it though. Will he be able to chill the f-ck out now that the first one was a big hit? Did Robert Pattinson get better as the Twilights went on?

Dakota was at the Boss show for NY Fashion Week yesterday hanging out with Julianne Moore. And they’ll both be in LA on Sunday for the Oscars. Dakota’s presenting. Julianne will be winning.