Ok now I feel badly for her just a little. Seems like Jessica Simpson can do no right post-divorce. She makes a record, it suck ass. She makes a movie…several movies…they suck ass too. She finds a boyfriend…he pees on her, is embarrassed of her, and breaks up with her because his fans hate her.

And now she’s found a new boy…a beloved boy beloved by her home state. As a result, her home state hates her too.

Seriously… poor Jess.

As you know, Tony Romo delivered a dismal performance last week against the Philadelphia Eagles resulting in the 2nd Cowboys loss of the season. Fans have been blaming Jessica’s attention whoring antics – see attached – for Tony’s poor play claiming he was distracted and unfocused.

Now Tony’s most high profile teammate, the always outspoken and huge douchebag Terrell Owens is speaking out against Jess too. Said Terrell:

"Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite — in this locker room or in Texas Stadium."

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it???

Tony is constantly in Tom Brady’s shadow…and maybe he should take a page out of Tom Brady’s dating book. Gisele is rarely, rarely seen around the field, if ever. She may hang outside the locker room after a game, or after a practice, but when Brady’s at the game, Brady is on the game.

Now having said that – Tony is a big boy in the big leagues. If he can’t focus just because a pair of tits are floating around in a private box, does he really deserve that multi-million dollar multi-year contract?

Don"t make a ditz your scapegoat, boy.  Just sayin"...