I have a Dan Stevens Situation that is under imminent threat of becoming a full-blown Dan Stevens Problem. He was cute in a kind of teddy bear way when he broke out on Downton Abbey, but now he looks like this...

… and well, it’s getting to be a thing. Not helping my Dan Stevens Situation is the new trailer for The Guest a thrillerish, horrorish movie that premiered at Sundance to strong reviews. In it he plays an Iraq war vet ostensibly checking in on his dead friend’s family, but then sh*t gets weird and he does a bunch of badass stuff in retaliation. The trailer is deliberately obscuring exactly what’s happening—is he bad, is he good?—because it’s from the writer/director team of Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, who made the similarly twisty You’re Next.

I’m getting strong Captain America vibes from Stevens in this trailer. He’s only a couple years younger than Chris Evans, so I doubt it would work out timing-wise by the time Evans’ contract is up, but I kind of want to visit the alternate universe where Dan Stevens is playing Captain America. I hope the inevitable plot twist in The Guest works out in his favor and he’s the hero all along so that I can pretend this is the R-rated Cap movie we’ll never get.

Attached – Stevens and Maika Monroe promoting The Guest at Sundance.