It’s been a while, right?

Daniel Craig stepped out today in London for the Into Film Awards to honour emerging talent. Whenever we talk about Daniel, we have to talk about Bond. And there’s been some Bond news, sort of. The Daily Mail is reporting that Robert Wade and Neil Purvis will be writing Bond 25. They’ve worked on all previous Daniel Craig Bond films. And while the producers are hoping Daniel will be back, as that is their preference, they’re also supposedly looking at other options in the event he decides to quit Bond for good. Apparently Jack Huston has now joined the list of Bond possibles. But it’s the Daily Mail. They’re full of sh-t.

Normally, yes. But this is coming from Baz Bamigboye who’s been reporting for the Daily Mail a long time and who definitely has the connections. I just saw Nicole Kidman break away from a crowd on the Oscar red carpet a couple of weeks ago to personally greet him. So I’m not sure I want to write this one off completely.

Still, Bond 25 isn’t close. Like at least two years away, if not more. And by then Daniel will be 51. And maybe he won’t want to jump out of cars anymore? He’s giving one away though.

Have you seen the video of him with the puppies and the Aston Martin? I couldn’t get a date with Idris Elba. Maybe it was because I was destined for this car. I LOVE this car.