Daniel Craig’s new interview with Time Out London is being excerpted all over the place. He says he’d rather “slash my wrists” than do another Bond movie. And that he doesn’t “give a f-ck” who gets cast to play Bond next. When I first read these quotes, I was like, Jesus Christ, what happened to his happiness?

He’s actually not that crusty though. When you read the entire interview, he’s not crusty at all. In fact, even though he’s exhausted, because it took place four days after wrapping on Spectre, he’s actually quite light. And sincere. And funny. For example, when asked about this photo…

…he explains that it was an accident. So does that mean he’s not going to be giving us that kind of joy in the new Bond? Of course not.

“Am I getting my kit off in this movie? Yes, I’ve been working out for six months. Of course I’m getting my kit off!”

See? He’s totally not a wrist-slasher. I mean I can totally see him being a moody f-ck but at the same time, Daniel Craig knows how to party too. I was at an impromptu terrace party in Cannes a few years ago when he showed up. It was late at night. George Clooney was hanging out in the corner. When Daniel arrived there was no fronting, there was no dick sparring for ego (unlike Emile Hirsch), nobody was trying to one-up or out-cool anyone else. Instead it was instant smiles and stupid jokes and non-stop shots and highballs. Daniel Craig is capable of having fun. And despite the excerpts you may have previewed, he shows you in this interview. Click here to read it.